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Comedia De*Sastre was born after a long backpacking and cycling trip through South America, from the experiences lived and the need to work for a better world.

In 2015 in Santiago de Chile, its two founders, Kalima del Drago and Lolo Guayota, both from the Canary Islands, began their artistic apprenticeship in the "Gran Circo Teatro" Company of maestro Andrés Pérez Araya, director, actor and playwright. Chile declared May 11, the day of his birth, as National Theater Day, in honor of his outstanding career.

Comedia De*Sastre stands out for the message and background of each of its works, which are a fundamental part of its idiosyncrasy. Culture, and therefore theater and circus, serve as a tool to improve the society in which we live.

With one foot in the Canary Islands and another in Argentina, this company is growing and creating its own identity. They dedicate many years to training in the research of acrobatic carrying and dramatic art.


The pillars of our work are theater (basically comedy) and circus, which we mix in a unique way. To this we must add other disciplines such as music, magic or dance that make our works have their authentic and original seal. Something that characterizes us is the importance we give to the story we are telling.

Our idiosyncrasy is to always put all our scenic tools at the service of the theater.

We have 10 years of experience in which we have continued to train and learn new techniques that we adapt to our work. The two artistic proposals that we present to you reflect the work and effort made by Comedia De*Sastre.

comedia de sastre
Mi video1
El Rey Bufón
TitiriTías social 2017
ultimo tren 3

2010 - present

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